PAS Conference History

2002 - Groningen, Netherlands.  Groningen Voice Research Laboratory, University of Groningen.

2004 - Denver, Colorado, USA. National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS).

2006 - York, England. University of York.

2009 - San Antonio, Texas, USA. University of San Antonio Department of Music.

2010 - Stockholm, Sweden. KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Special thanks to PAS 6 supporters:

Cal-West Region & Las Vegas Chapter

    The PAS conference is intended for voice professionals who are interested in the synergistic relationships between physiological and acoustical science, pedagogy, voice habilitation and vocal performance.  Since the inception of the conference in 2002, leading voice researchers and pedagogues from around the globe have gathered to share their work.  The outcomes of the conference yield several benefits: areas of singing in need of further examination are often codified, collaborative relationships between scientists and practitioners are established, and objective vocal pedagogy is promoted.

PAS 6 Scientific Advisory Committee

David Howard, University of York, Department of Electronics, Intelligent Systems Research Group’s Audio Laboratory Chair

Eric Hunter, University of Utah, National Center for Voice and Speech

Scott McCoy, Ohio State University, Director of the Helen Swank Voice Teaching and Research Lab

John Nix, University of Texas, San Antonio, Department of Music

Donald Miller, Groningen Voice Research, The Netherlands

Stephen Robertson, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Head of Vocal Performance

Ronald Scherer, Bowling Green State University, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Harm Schutte, Groningen Voice Research, The Netherlands

Jan Svec, Palacky University Olomouc, Department of Biophysics, the Czech Republic